Because Kawaii Means CUTE …

ListenToLindsay ...

Subscription boxes are everywhere.

Makeup themed, horror themed, geek themed, food themed… heck – they even have a subscription boxed catered to “that time of the month” (more on that another day!)

But what kind of subscription boxes cater to females, of all ages? (boys too, if you’re into that sort of thing!)

Well, if you’re a female that loves cute stuff – then Kawaii Box is for you!

… and not just because Kawaii means ‘cute’ !

These boxes are filled with all kinds of items that kids will love – and the kid in YOU will love too! Ranging from accessories, to stationary, to snacks, to stuffies, keychains, stickers – YOU NAME IT! the Kawaii box comes with 10-12 (yes, you read that right, I said 10-12!!!!) of the cutest items direct from Japan and Korea – straight to your door step! oH, and did I mention that…

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